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Original (Core Set)

Heroes Unite (Core Set)

Forever Evil (Core Set)

Teen Titans (Core Set)

Crisis 1 (Crisis Expansion)

Crisis 2 (Crisis Expansion)

Crisis 3 (Crisis Expansion)

Batman vs. The Joker (Rival Expansion)

Justice Society of America (Crossover Expansion)

Arrow: The Television Series (Crossover Expansion)

Legion of Superheroes (Crossover Expansion)

Watchmen (Crossover Expansion)

The Rogues (Crossover Expansion)

Birds of Prey (Crossover Expansion)

Confrontations (Core Set)

New Gods (Crossover Expansion)

Multiverse Box (Core Set)

Green Lantern vs. Sinestro (Rival Expansion)

Tenn Titans Go! (Crossover Expansion)

Batman Ninja (Crossover Expansion)

Rebirth (Core Set)

Crisis 4 (Crisis Expansion)

Dark Nights: Metal (Core Set)

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