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Aleatorizador Listas Aclaraciones Accesorios
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Game Play

  • Game Setup
    • Scheme/Plot
    • Board/Mat
    • Mastermind/Commander
    • Player Decks
    • Game Stacks
    • Villain/Adversary Deck
    • Hero/Ally Deck
  • Starting the Game
  • On your turn
    • Step 1) Play the Top Card of the Villain/Adversary Deck
      • If the Villain/Adversary Deck Card Is a/an Villain/Adversary
      • If the Villain/Adversary Deck Card Is an Bystander
      • If the Villain/Adversary Deck Card Is an Scheme/Plot Twist
      • If the Villain/Adversary Deck Card Is an Mastermind/Commander Strike
    • Step 2) Play Cards from Your Hand, Using Them to Recruit and Fight
      • Superpower Ability
      • Recruiting Heroes/Allies and Fighting Villains/Adversaries
      • How to Recruit a/an Hero/Ally
      • How to Fight a/an Villain/Adversary
      • How to Fight a Mastermind/Commander
    • Step 3) Discard Your Hand and Draw 6 New Cards
      • Shuffling Your Discard Pile into a New Deck
  • Winning the Game
    • Keyword Abilities
      • Abomination
      • Berserk
      • Betrayal
      • Bribe
      • Burrow
      • Celestial Boons
      • Charge
      • Cheering Crowds
      • Chivalrous Duel
      • Circle of Kung-Fu/Quack-Fu
      • Conqueror X
      • Contest of Champions
      • Coordinate
      • Cosmic Threat
      • Cross-Dimensional Rampage