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Règles Générateur Listes Clarifications
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This means "This Adversary gets + equal to the printed of the Ally in the Headquarter space under this Adversary's City space."


This means "Discard the top card of your deck. You get + equal to the discarded card's printed ."

  • Some cards say "Berserk, Berserk, Berserk" so you discard three times in a row.
  • Some cards say "Berserk, X-Gene [tech]: You get +1." You do the card abilities in order, so Berserk might discard a [tech] card from your deck, letting you use your X-Gene ability.
  • Berserk gives no benefit from discarding printed or values.

This means "If you don't recruit any Allies or defeat any Adversaries or Leaders on your turn, you may KO a Bindings from your hand. If you do, the player to your right gains all the other Bindings from your hand."

  • So if you have three in your hand, and you decided to use Betrayal this turn, you would KO one of those and put the other two in the Discard Pile of the player on your right.
  • This is often worth doing if you have at least two in your hand, or if your turn wouldn't have been very good anyway.
  • It's okay to play the cards in your hand, Dodge, and/or use abilities like "draw a card" to see how your hand develops, then decide whether to use the Betrayal ability from your hand. As long as you don't recruit Allies or fight any Adversaries or Leaders during your turn, you can still use Betrayal.

This means "You can fight this card by spending any combination of and/or ."


This means "It charges the specified value of extra spaces, pushing other Adversaries forward."

Cheering Crowd

This means "You may play this card twice in a row if you return a Bystander from your Victory Pile to the bottom of the Bystander Stack."

Chivalrous Duel

This means "You can only use from a single Ally Name"

  • For example, to fight a 3 Adversary with Chivalrous Duel, you can spend 3