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This combined version includes rules for all Marvel Legendary™ sets. All Marvel Legendary™ sets uses the same fundamental rules. Each core set is also optimized to be played by itself as a standalone game.


Game Summary

In this fully cooperative game for 1-5 players, each player starts with their own Personal Deck of basic Ally cards.

At the start of your turn, you play the top card of the Adversary Deck and place it face down onto the board to show how the Adversaries are invading.

Then play cards from your hand to generate , , and special abilities.

You attack with your Allies to defeat Adversaries and use to recruit more powerful Allies, storing them in your Discard Pile. Build up enough and you can defeat the powerful Leader!

Whenever your Personal Deck runs out of cards, shuffle your Discard Pile to make a new deck, including all the new Allies you recruited. This way your Personal Deck gets stronger and stronger over time.

But beware, if the players don’t defeat the Leader quickly enough, then it will complete its Plan and win the game!

Cooperative and Competitive Play

Legendary™ is both cooperative (with players cooperating to beat the Leader) and competitive (with players competing to get the most ).

Some play groups like to focus on cooperating. Other groups focus on competing. And some groups do a little of both. Some players even start out competing, and then switch to cooperating more and more as the Leader gets closer to victory. This matches a lot of Marvel storylines!

How to Win

Players must work together to:

  1. successfully defeat the Leader four times, then the Leader is beaten once and for all, and all the players win the game and get a group victory!
  2. In addition, defeating Adversaries and [getting] Bystanders earns each player . If the players win a group victory, then the player with the most